Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy/ Prenatal massage affects a woman physiologically, structurally and emotionally.

  • Physiologically it affects things such as hormone, gastrointestinal, urinary and circulatory systems.
  • Structurally it reduces strains placed on the musculoskeletal system.
  • Emotionally it gives a woman a feeling of support and reduces stress levels.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage can include anything from a full body holistic massage to deep massage work that might include other modalities such as trigger point therapy or myofascial release. You will be assessed and the technique used will be according to the findings.
A typical massage session takes at least 40 minutes and can go on up to 60 minutes. The mother will be supported on a specific pregnancy plinth with a tummy hole for belly. She will be draped with a sheet and only the body part that is being worked will be exposed. The room is quiet and comfortable.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage is indicated from 10 weeks – 40+weeks



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Package details:

3 Sessions (40 min each)

R350 per session (R1050 to be paid upfront)

Must be between 10 weeks – 38 weeks pregnant

Sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of initial session