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dr sonja chiropractorDr Sonja Kneppers – MTech. Chiropractic

Dr. Sonja Kneppers studied chiropractics at the University of Johannesburg and qualified in 2004. She completed her Masters dissertation on chronic low back pain and the effect of the chiropractic adjustment on the quadratus lumborum (QL) muscles – the long muscles of the lower back. This research study sparked an interest in chronic (ongoing) back pain as she realized there was more to maintaining prolonged relief from low back pain after treating the low back. As a result she completed a Pilates instructors course and now teaches along with two instructors from her home based studio. She also offers Pregnancy Pilates.

In 2007 she followed her interest in treating babies and children. She worked with chiropractors and others experienced in the field of children and continued to research and observe the effects of chiropractic on children and started focusing on treating babies. At the moment the majority of her patients are under 2 years old.

Currently, she runs a home based practice in Weltevreden Park and also practices two mornings a week at the Tina Otte Family and Child Centre in conjunction with the Well Baby Clinic run by Sr. Linda Britz.

Being a mother of two children, she is fully aware of the stresses and strains a new baby brings into the home and she is passionate about assisting moms and dads in those first few difficult months/years when baby’s life and health are so fragile. She is dedicated to making a difference and creating a much needed awareness regarding the importance of good spinal health from birth and throughout life.


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